About Youdemo

You are at this kupbuddy site for a reason. It is the reason why most of our customers have been here before you as well. You are now part of the “We.”

We like neatness and order at the work space. We like our desks clean and take pride in our work.
It is why coffee rings and condensation drips from cups on our paperwork are totally unacceptable.
We always show our professional side.

Our desks happen to be the same place we take coffee breaks, eat snacks and sometimes even eat
our meals. We work in corporate offices, home offices, countertops and carved out niches we call
desk space.

We also drink and eat while we work.
Somehow we evolved into a nation of desktop beverage consumers.
Whether it’s hot or cold we like to drink at our desks.
Consuming coffee is a small yet simple pleasure we take while we work.

Developed with you in mind kupbuddy is the best and easiest way to prevent spills,
stains and the inevitable mess from occurring at your desk.

A Little Bit About Us

The patented kupbuddy is the resulting piece of inventor madness, marketing genius,
persistence and luck. We took a common problem that happened to us all and developed a simple
low cost solution to fix the problem based on our experience. For a very detailed story as to
how it all came about visit our blog.